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Visualizing Financial And Economic Data (Using Power BI and R)

Thu, Sep 21 2017 16:00 UTC

Visualising Financial And Economic Data (Using Power BI and R)

Firms make massive efforts to collect, clean, aggregate and report on their data but this is only meaningful when people use it to get insight, make better then take action. We’ll show several examples of visualisations of financial and economic data, and discuss how they were built and analyse how effective they are. These examples include market risk chart to compare trading profit & loss (P&L) against measures of risk and regulatory limits and a version of the famous visualisation by Hans Rosling of the health and wealth of nations over 200 years, and also many others.

Mark Wilcock

Mark is an independent consultant specializing in the analysis, reporting and visualization of financial data. Over the last 20 years, he worked on many systems to measure and monitor financial performance and manage market risks that arise from banking and trading activities. He's the organizer of the London Business Analytics Group, a popular community group that holds monthly talks on topics ranging from Predictive Analytics to Power Query to Personalized Medicine. He blogs at

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