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Building systems to retain valuable clients (CHURN) with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Tue, Mar 15 2016 18:00 UTC

Building systems to retain valuable clients (CHURN) with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

If you think that acquiring new clients is costly, try to deal with the cost of lost clients. Telecoms know when you will change your provider before you even make that decision and so do many other leading retailers, banks, etc. Microsoft Machine Learning will help build a cost-effective and cutting-edge system. In this session, you will learn how to build one with Azure Machine Learning

Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella

Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella is a former Microsoft consulting manager and has won WW awards on leading cloud and business intelligence programs at a global level. He works as an Adjunct Prof. of Social Media Analytics and Data security at FAU and is a Principal at Value Amplify where he works on Machine Learning and IoT solutions.

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