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February 12th PASS BA VC Meeting

Tue, Feb 12 2013 17:00 UTC

A Case for Business Analytics Learning

Industry researchers at Gartner announced in April 2012 that the worldwide business intelligence, analytics, and performance management software market surpassed the US$12 Billion level in 2011, a 16.4% increase over the previous year. This statistic is among many pointing to the need for both groups to apply what management guru Peter Senge proclaimed decades ago in The Fifth Discipline: the need for a learning organization. This presentation focuses on three learning areas for anyone in the business analytics profession. First, we analysts need to learn what the markets and industries are saying today. We discuss recent trends which show how analytics will shape the future. Second, we need to learn what group learning options are available. From industry conferences (such as the PASS BA Conference, and virtual PASS sessions) to free MOOCs (massive open online courses), we have more options available to improve our knowledge. Finally, we need to learn what leadership roles our groups can have. We can leverage social networks (including PASS) and social media -- both individually and as organizations -- to communicate passion.

Mark Tabladillo

Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. works for Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect for the US CTO Customer Success Team. He has a science doctorate from Georgia Tech. Based in Atlanta, GA, Mark provides cloud enterprise solutions for companies in the US for Microsoft's strategic clients. He is a chapter leader for the PASS Data Science virtual chapter. He tweets @marktabnet.

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