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Tools for initial exploratory data analysis

Thu, Jun 11 2015 16:00 UTC

Tools for initial exploratory data analysis

(We will Raffle one $25 amazon gift card for this event. You need to attend the meeting to be eligible for drawing) We do exploratory data analysis (EDA) when we take a first look at the source data we will use in our analytics project. EDA helps us to get a good idea of the usefulness, relevance, completeness and quality of the data for our purposes and to explore patterns in the data to give us some insight. WIn this session we’ll explore a public dataset - the Titanic passenger list. Most people know the of the tragic events. The RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton on 10th April 1912, hit an iceberg in the Atlantic 4 days later and sank. Of the 2000 people on board, only 700 survived. We'll build some rough and ready visualisations and crunch some basic statistics on this dataset using 4 different tools • Excel and Power Query as our benchmark, • R with the ggplot2 graphics and dplyr data manipulation packages, • Azure Machine Learning and • the free starter edition of RapidMiner The purpose of the session is to introduce you to some tools that you may not be familiar with so that you can decide which tools you prefer for exploring and analysis data. Or you may decide to use all these tools at different times for different tasks.

Mark Wilcock

Mark is an independent consultant specializing in the analysis, reporting and visualization of financial data. Over the last 20 years, he worked on many systems to measure and monitor financial performance and manage market risks that arise from banking and trading activities. He's the organizer of the London Business Analytics Group, a popular community group that holds monthly talks on topics ranging from Predictive Analytics to Power Query to Personalized Medicine. He blogs at

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